Who Made
My Clothes?

A Tribute to Fashion Revolution & Earth Month

I’ve been sewing like crazy the entire month of April in honor of Earth Month and Fashion Revolution Week. My little study is currently filled with recycled yarns, thread, & fabrics from the many market totes, boxy tops, tank tops, drawstring produce bags, & grocery bags I’ve been producing. The scraps have been weaved into more wall hangings and the best part is, my former coworker has gifted me her old loom! Now I can double the amount of pieces! She said a friend of hers built it from harvested local walnut and it is in really nice condition. 

The hardest project so far has been this jumpsuit (I will note that this fabric was purchased new. I allowed myself a couple new yards for practice). Let’s just say it’s definitely something I will never attempt to do without a pattern again. The back closes with an invisible zipper (my very first one!) and a metal clasp. The torso is a little long but wearable with a belt tied at the waist. The only trouble I have when I make a garment is that I don’t have a serger. Hooray zigzag stitching (and overcast stitching)! It’s been decent so far but definitely not the kind of finish a garment should have.

Regardless, I am truly having fun making these pieces with the Earth in mind. Throughout Fashion Revolution week I posted a series of photos on my Instagram of my finished pieces with the hopes of inspiring others to think twice about their purchases (or up-cycle/shop second-hand). It doesn’t have to happen during Fashion Revolution Week. Be curious! Ask questions. Be vocal! Even if it is something as simple as sharing on social media or asking #WhoMadeMyClothes Awareness does make a difference. In fact, this year's Fashion Revolution was the biggest by far in terms of participation with as well as over 1,000 events taking place in more than 100 countries! If you'd like to contribute more, donate to Fashion Revolution as they continue to work year-round to raise awareness of the fashion industry's most pressing issues and inspire people to take action.

As the month of April wraps up, I wanted to share some pieces of my collection so far. They are all made from thrifted pillow cases, bed sheets/linens, unused second-hand fabrics, -- even fitted sheets! For those of you who have been watching my IG, thanks for putting up with the mess of posts and for following along! xxo