My name is JoJo. I'm a photographer & designer based in Iowa City. I graduated from the University of Iowa's School of Art and Art History with a BFA in Graphic Design. I began my college career in healthcare -but even after passing my Practical Nursing boards, I still felt as if something was missing. Months of pacing and debating later, I finally redirected my attention toward something that made sense to me -because things change, people should do what overjoys them, and you can't have enough tools under your belt! 

When I'm not doodling, daydreaming, or taking photos, you can easily find me somewhere in the kitchen either munching (and possibly clearing out the fridge while doing so!) or cooking up a storm--trying to perfect a new dish. If I'm not doing any of those things I'm probably outside staring at plants. 

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Say hello.

See What I've Been Up To!

Order in Chaos | BFA show | Iowa City, IA | November, 2015
This is Intermedia, Too! | Iowa City, IA | December, 2015
Intermedia Showcase | Iowa City, IA | Spring, 2015
Intermedia Shebang | Iowa City, IA | October, 2015
Earthwords: Spring Up Gallery | Iowa City, IA | April 2016
Selected Group:
SAAH Group Honors Exhibition | Iowa City, IA | December, 2015
Graduating Seniors Show | Iowa City, IA | December, 2015
UICCU BenchMarks 2016 | Iowa City, IA | Spring-Summer 2016 (*Second Place winner for People's Choice)
Feminist Voices Spring 2016 Showcase | Iowa City, IA | April 2016 (view, here)
To(get)her: Iowa City's Meeting/Melting/Mending Performance
| Iowa City, IA | October 2016
Nasty Women in Iowa | Iowa City, IA | February 2017 (view, here)
UICCU BenchMarks 2017 | Iowa City, IA | Spring-Summer 2017

"Cutting Fruit" | The Daily Palette | Iowa City, IA | February 2016 (view, here)

Little Village's Annual Bread and Butter Venue Guide | Iowa City, IA | 2015
"Cultural Incompetency: Racist Yik Yak posts target Asian students on UI campus" Little Village Magazine| Iowa City, IA | October 23, 2015 (view, here)
"Cultural Incompetency: Racist Yik Yak posts target Asian students on UI campus" University of Iowa International Programs via Little Village Magazine | Iowa City, IA | October 26, 2015 (view, here)
Little Village's Annual Bread and Butter Venue Guide | Iowa City, IA | 2016