a mindful design studio
Little Prairie is my creative space for all things handmade, home-cooked, and handwritten. 

The name Little Prairie takes me back to a tiny plot of land near my childhood home. Though small, this piece of land was rich and teeming with various types of wildlife – everything from tiny insects and field mice, bright orange day lilies, to edible wood sorrel. Growing up in the rural Midwest played a large role in encouraging my curiosity for the world and impacted my yearning for slow, quiet moments. I wish to inspire others to create, consume, and live mindfully.

A note about my textiles:

My textile items are handmade in small batches with a focus on sustainability and repurposing – using environmentally friendly, local, or second-hand materials whenever I can. Like all handmade items, each piece is unique and is subject to imperfection as reflected in nature.

All flat measurements and care instructions are in the item description as well as whether or not the item has been pre-washed. Little Prairie produces one size garments. I understand that women are not one size and wish I could make all sizes, but I am a very small business that cuts and sews each individual garment. If there is a particular cut or style that you are interested in, I encourage you to place custom orders. Please allow 3-4 weeks of production.