Basil Strawberry Lime Smash Cocktail

Shake it up with this spiked strawberry limeade. 

Shake it up with this spiked strawberry limeade. 

What is a smash cocktail?! If you're into fruity, icy, seasonal, and sweet summer drinks then look no further because that is exactly what a smash cocktail is! Smash cocktails are so deliciously simple. They generally include a spirit, a sweetener, herbs, seasonal fruit, sometimes water, always ice, and a good shake. 

Labor Day surprised me today with a clear blue sky and sunny weather. I guess summer's not going anywhere too fast. What better way to cool down and end your long weekend with a fantastic splash of strawberry? This drink is guaranteed to make you relish your fun under the sun. 

1/2 c. granulated sugar
1/2 c. water
basil leaves
1 box of fresh strawberries
1 ripe lime
1 c. rum or vodka
Ice, ice, ICE!

Simple syrup:
Dissolve sugar in water on the stove over medium heat. Once all the sugar has been dissolved, take the pot off the heat and steep basil leaves in the mixture for ten minutes. Pour syrup in a glass jar and set this in the fridge to cool. Meanwhile, make sure you have thoroughly washed all of your strawberries and lime. Cut the lime into wedges ready for squeezing.

Place your strawberries in a mortar and squeeze lime juice from the lime wedges into the mortar as well. Go ahead and throw the lime peels in there, (live a little!;). With your pestle, mash all of your strawberries and lime peels until there is a substantial amount of lime and strawberry juice-leaving the fruity chunks in the mix. 

The cocktail:
Fill a lemonade pitcher with ice, about half way. Remove syrup from the fridge. Pour strawberry-lime mixture  into the pitcher, followed by the simple syrup, and alcohol. Mix (or shake) well and enjoy immediately or refrigerate! Add more ice if necessary.