Why Fog + Fir?

Why Fog + Fir?

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Hello, friends!

Social media is weird and working full time is also weird. 

I've already been at my job for a full year (plus some) now. Having a steady income is great, and working for an organization I believe in is even more great! Unfortunately, since I've been spending a lot of my time designing full time, I have not made time for my own creative endeavors. I've also spent less time on social media (--Which is awesome! I find social media to be a bit cringy, actually). I've questioned a lot about why I own social sites and what the point of me having them was. I've questioned what it means to "reach my goals" and whether or not I am satisfied where I am at right now. 

Most scarily, I've forgotten how to relish the greatness that is art. I've slowly become uninspired, unmotivated, and careless about how I spend my time -- especially with the change in season and the days being so short. You know the feeling when you get home after a long day's work and you just want to sink into the cozy abyss of couch cushions? Yeah, that played a part. I dodged questions from peers that included the words, do, you, still, and art strung together. Le sigh.

Those feelings don't go without constantly thinking/daydreaming about having my freelance gig flourish (one day). That itself is draining. In a world full of creative entrepreneurs, (Millennials I'm looking at you. Yeah, yeah I know...and me, too I guess) it's difficult to break through the thick cloud of makers. I've scoured the internet for all sorts of ways to make myself a better creative, artist, and business person (there are a ton of resources). I found something from somewhere online that stuck with me. It was about the role of social media in the creative field, "Think of social media as your handshake, not your business platform". Aha! 

I do find social media to be inspiring at times and a great place to share thoughts and ideas. It takes effort, though, to look past meaningless and overwhelming posts...the content is superfluous! Which is why I've decided to post less on my social sites--and post more meaningfully in a less concentrated space. I decided to revisit my blog, change the look & feel, and really curate it so I want to post somewhere; a place more "me", more genuine, like snippets from an online journal if you will. In addition to showcasing all of these recipes, I hope to give life updates, progress of projects I've been working on, and more intimate photo journaling. Hopefully this will feed my creative energy and perhaps it will have the potential to become something else. I never thought I would ever dive into "blogging" but I've come to realize it's a little less "in your face" than other social sites. Plus, it's a lot quieter on this side of the internet and maybe I can attract some other quiet listeners. 

I will try my best to know what the balance of being online is for myself and post when I need the inspo.

Look for more creative things soon! xo