Lemon Ginger Twist Cocktail

This Thanksgiving, my sister had some pears soaking in bourbon for her pear tart dessert and that prompted me to try to convince my dad to bring up the rest of his drinkable goods from our basement bar to make my own "something". I didn't have much to work with in terms of mixers so I opted for the fresh ingredients we had around the house.

This might be an adaptation from French 125 annnnd it might not be but man, it was a treat either way. It differs from French 125 because I am using ginger, ginger ale instead of champagne, double shots of cognac, and fresher ingredients.

The pre-Thanksgiving dinner mixology and experimentation resulted in a fine concoction. 

fresh ginger root
2-3 TBS natural honey
1 c. sugar
1 c. water
ginger ale
2-3 lemons

Prepare a saucepan for fresh ginger simple syrup. Pour water, sugar, and sliced (and pounded) ginger into the saucepan and stir on low to medium heat until sugar is completely dissolved. Add honey. Set aside to cool, or place in refrigerator. 

Squeeze and juice 2 lemons -save rinds for zesting. 

Fill 1/3 of a shaker with ice. Pour 2 shots of Cognac and strain about 1/4 cup of the simple syrup into the shaker. Add 2 TBS of lemon juice and shake it up!

Pour resulting mix into a martini glass and add a little bit of ginger ale for balance. 
Garnish with lemon zest.